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Spray lining that protects equipment and floor coatings.

We Buy and Sell Polyurea, Polyurea Hybrid, and Other Coatings and Lining Equipment - DIY and Distributor New and Used Equipment for Sale - All Equipment Name Brands


San Francisco, Sacramento, Yreka, Eureka, Fortuna, and Reno, Nevada


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Pond Examples

Ken's Flexible Armor creates spray coating that protects equipment in a industrial and automotive applications, as well as for non-slip floor coatings.

Ken's Flexible Armor is the very best spray coating; Some of the applications are fire trucks, combine machinery, boats, agricultural equipment, hunting vehicles, and trailers just to name a few!

We now apply clear spray-on paint protection. An advantage of our application over stick-on solutions is longevity. Typical paint protection films like 3M VentureShield, the originator, and ClearBra, a popular alternative to 3M, don't match the durability and longevity of our product. Our product is also cheaper than even ClearMask.

Our famous, protective, and industrial grade floor coating is great for any residential or commercial application. Some floor paints tend to lift, peel, crack, stain, and fade.  Ken's Flexible Armor will maintain its top quality appearance and will add value to your property because its a protectant.

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