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Spray-Lining.com Uncovers Scams

Rhino Scams, Ultimate Linings Scams, and other instances of fraud

There are many scams going around the bed liner industry right now, we would like to inform you about them in the hope of preventing as many people as possible from being take advantage of. Line-X scams and Rhino scams are most prevalent, but we have also seen Ultimate Linings scams. In most cases, people have been using popular brand names very loosely. They claim to use a certain company's product but they do not and actually are not affiliated with the company they are claiming at all. They attempt to get you to fund a startup business or buying products by hiding behind a well trusted company name. Be careful and always check references! You cannot be too sure these days, and it may save you a lot of money in the end. Scorpion Blogs and others have published incorrect information about spray-lining scams, using the term too generally.


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